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Design Evolution - Nadine Andrews

Nadine Charlton began her foray into interior design as a way to combine structure and beauty, bringing her love of the sciences and the arts together. Today, after 15 years of professional experience, she still feels lucky to be able to pursue a career that she is passionate about. Nadine Charlton has experience that shows itself in her work, everyday.

After receiving her interior design training in Calgary, Alberta, she immediately began working in commercial office space design for an oil and gas company. However, after a few years of the corporate world, she decided to trade the boardroom for the living room and started to grow her business into residential design.

“It is an amazing dynamic to be working with homeowners who have a vision of how their space could be. By expanding on that vision, using my trained eye, the clients are able to see their dreams fulfilled. There is no bigger complement than that received by the friends and family of clients, when they see the new space for the first time and exclaim that the space exactly portrays the personalities of the individuals living there.”

Expanding on her repertoire in residential design, Nadine began her training in professional kitchen design. Kitchen design is one of the most challenging branches of interior design because of the amount of detail that must be thoroughly and completely thought through. However, the constraints associated with kitchen design only seem to fuel the creativity for Nadine as each project takes on it's own qualities.

Nadine prides herself on creating a rapport and a friendship with her clients that extends past the completion date of the project. With so much personalized attention to detail and service, the process becomes exciting for the clients and the results are outstanding.

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